quinta-feira, abril 05, 2007

The Importance of Receiving

Receiving often is harder than giving.
Giving is very important:
giving insight, giving hope, giving courage,
giving advice, giving support, giving money,
and, most of all, giving ourselves.
Without giving there is no brotherhood and sisterhood.

But receiving is just as important,
because by receiving we reveal to the givers that they have gifts to offer.
When we say, "Thank you, you gave me hope;
thank you, you gave me a reason to live;
thank you, you allowed me to realise my dream,"
we make givers aware of their unique and precious gifts.
Sometimes it is only in the eyes of the receivers that givers discover their gifts.

Daily Meditations

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Lou Mello disse...


Feliz páscoa para você e os seus.

Abração para todos.

Daniela Mann disse...

Uma Páscoa Muito Feliz, deseja a Daniela

Bianca disse...

olá !!!

gostei muito deste texto...fez-me pensar!!
espero que te sintas em casa no GBU-L!!!a tua presença tem sido mt importante!

Revolução disse...

xxiiii, fiquei limitado com meu inglês.Mas...

JOINCANTO disse...